Pop Art Canvas Photos – The Perfect (And Unique) Gift

Choosing the perfect gifts to the special people in our lives can be difficult, especially parents and grandparents. You can walk into any store in America and find something snazzy for the wee ones-a toy, a book, a cute outfit-but finding a worthy present for Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma is tough.Here is an idea: What about a custom-printed canvas art print made from one of your pictures? Sound expensive or far-fetched? It’s neither. The photo to art canvas printing technique today is simple, easy, and very cost-effective; and the result is amazing canvas pictures that are the perfect gift for all your hard-to-please family members. Imagine it – your favorite photo on a brilliant, eye-catching pop art canvas!People choose to do art paintings from their photos because of the unique blend of life, color and art vibrancy that is splashed on each one – usually at the sole discretion of the master pop art artist. Pop art is modern, edgy and sophisticated and livens up one’s living quarters quite like nothing else. It started in the 1950s, but has stood the test of time due to its uniqueness and vibrancy.The canvas printing process is state-of-the-art, ensuring your canvas photos are bright, beautiful and unblemished by streaks, blurs, or unsightly red-eye. It all starts with the digital preparation of your image. Digital artists will usually work intensely on your photo, abstracting the image, cropping, arranging the layout and adding a personalized blend of vibrant colors.After all digital optimizations are complete, the finished image is then sent to a specialized printing department where the image is imposed on a high quality art canvas. There it is spray-coated for scratch-resistance and protection against ultraviolent rays and fading for an estimated hundred years.Customers often have several options to choose from when transforming their photo to a pop art canvas. Options usually include: style, layout, size and frame (either some type of golden or wooden frame usually, or a gallery wrapped canvas).After your art canvas is completely wrapped up in safe packaging material, it is shipped to your door-step, ready to hang in your home or office.

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